Hey, my name is Adrian, I’m a jewelry designer and this is my story!

I started on the road of life as a young passionate architect, dreaming of making the cities my own playground. But as I continued my adventure, I discovered a different passion for design, in a more challenging manner than architecture. It was the moment when I discovered the fascinating world of manhood, the nowadays gentleman. I started to get informed on style, shapes and textures, the what, when and how to wear things. I got hooked right away and it’s my firm belief that the modern man must take care of his looks, but more important to be aware of the fact that the way you look it’s what sells you in the first place. Therefore I started to design my own accessories, so my appearance would send the right message.  Friends started asking me to design for them different objects and, before I knew it, mbrace was born.

The world now is my playground in a more intense level than I would have ever imagined, as I use the most unexpected materials for my creations. Everything around me is a source of inspiration and an opportunity to express my visions. The quality of my products is top priority to me, so I must be involved in every part of the process that brings to life an mbrace item, even if that means handmade almost everything.

I get challenged every day on the adventure that now is called mbrace.

Adrian S.